Saturday, May 7, 2011

Helping out a good friend

Just got some of these pics from a show we were at last year with good friends from Lowbrow. I've been friends with Tyler for some years and usually will hang at his booth and help out and what not maybe just help drink his beer and have a good time.

Katty Bear and Greg to the right
And another great shot of one two many shots.

Like weekend at Greg's....

Tri-Star Skateboards

Doing some work for our local skate shop. I walked in to check out this dudes shop in the local Cleveland area and was just blown away at how cool this dude was. His shop has to be one of the coolest in the area by far. After talking to the owner Jim and shopping around we struck up a deal on me doing some custom paint work for his shop. I thought it would be cool to add some sick flake and candy to his gumball machine well actually it's a capsule machine which he is going to fill with some cool stickers and maybe some shop gift certificates and such.

If your in the local Cleveland area or near by for what ever reason stop by and support one of the coolest skate shops in the area and shoot the shit with Jim I'm sure you will dig the shop.

Step one in the machine.......Picking it up gonna spray as I spray my tins.

My Trumpet is in primer