Friday, January 18, 2013

New News For Devils Hand Production

Down Payment has been made on this booth 
Won't be long now
 for you folks in need of some
Retro Flake N' Candy Work.

 Good friend of mine Billy Fox has joined
 Devil's Hand.
And will be picking up some flake SOON...
You'll be seeing more of Devil's Hand here soon!

Here is a sneak peak for now

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1971 Triumph SOLD

1971 Triumph Bonneville

This is so close to being finished.

....The ugly:
I went through the complete engine cleaned the sludge trap and replaced everything a triumph it bit me in the ass when I did not use anything but the copper base gasket it leaks at the base of the rear jug need to pull and use a copper sealer. also primary needs some silicone it's leaking at gasket.

..I just moved and have all my tools everywhere besides I am setting up a new paint shop so my priority is getting my shop up and running and have to sacrifice the bike. I don't have time to do both.

....The good:
-the bike is completely wired has a new Joe Hunt Magneto with the key.
-the head was done by Wes White
-the hardtail was done by Tigman stretched four inches.
-new rubber front and rear
-carbs are mikuni's I soaked them and went through them pretty quick did not rebuild them.
-everything has just been done, from the NOS Bates headlight to the Jesus taillight.
-Paint was done by myself check my work @

-I built this for myself I just have to sell before I ever got to enjoy it...kinda sucks but that's life.

-it does run if you want a video I can send you one on e-mail or by text. I had run it around the block a few times and thats the only time it's seen the street since I did all the work.

-a good week end and this would be a killer ride.

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