About Devil's Hand

Devil's Hand Productions was formed around bikes and hot rods fast and mean just as we like em'. Scare your grandma type shit. Not for all and not meant to be.  These days we tend to specialize in retro paint work more so than the full on build but we still hit the ground up bike and hot rod from time to time.  We just enjoy spraying some killer flake for those that like the retro flake and kandy paint..but we still like to tear into an engine and make that bitch run like a raped ape......Ellis

About us...
Devil's Hand Production is a small shop run by myself Ellis and now my buddy Billy which has joined me in this mess.  I've been in the bike scene since I was a punk kid messing around with bikes, hot rods anything that I could make badass or super fast is my thing.  I have been building ground up customs since the late 90's started like most in the garage doing work for myself and friends.  As time went on in the early 2000's I started doing full blown kustom ground up builds as Rollin' Sixes out of my garage competing in large shows such as EasyRider and Daytona Beach ext. taking trophies at each place I would go, not so much my thing but it was cool to take them from the guys that had big dollar builds done by big shops, while mine was straight out of the back yard done with my own hands from mechanical to paint all my work.  Heart over Cash wins every time.

These days I stick with custom paint work.  I started out in the paint business by working out of my buddies body shop for several years just to pick up the basics so I can do my own work.....as a builder I didn't like handing off anything to anyone else.  I've brought Billy up in this paint mess and have trained him myself so I trust in his work as an artist and a painter.  We have a good circle of friends that we can trust to get things done out of our hands when needed we call on.  So if it's not our bag we still may be able to get you to where you wanna be.

I've seen some jobs out there that are totally bitchin' and then I've seen some jobs out there that just suck.  Paint is not the job for all it takes time and a skill to get a quality job.  Most our work is based on flake and Kandy that's kinda our thing....I've been shooting flake for ten plus years on bikes, cars and what ever else comes through the door....it's not our first nor our last job you see on our pages.  We all ways try and work with people I know what can be charged but I know what it's like to raise a family on a blue collar income.

      The processes and methods employed to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semifinished goods, or subassemblies) and intangible inputs (ideas, information, knowledge) into goods or services.


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