Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Biltwell Lids

My thoughts on these opinion.

When these first came out everyone was stoked finally a lid that didn't sit high and look all stupid. Most guys that didn't wear anything at all went to wearing these super cool lids, trends seems to change, more and more all I hear is DOT this and that, well God Bless Biltwell they came out with a DOT lid for you guys that are looking for a DOT lid. But all and all they are cool I've seen them but being DOT they are not quite as cool fitting as the originals but still very cool for you guys looking for the DOT approved lid, I just hope they add the flake to these bitches. I personally will still wear the original I just like the fit and the wife pleasing affect of having a helmet on. Gotta love these either one you choose.

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