Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Tins Coming Soon

If your looking for a new tank there will be new work 
up for sale soon....

Sneak Peak...

This will be the last for a while....
I'm in the middle of moving 
 and will be building my new shop.
(not having it built but I will be building it from ground up)
I also plan to build my 54 Ford and get back on the road
and get my freaking Triumph running
and have a little fun this summer....

will be back at it by fall if all goes well.
I thank all of you for your support.

Oh yeah one of these are all ready gone...
I did a tank a while back called The Harlot
this tank didn't work out for Eric the tank sat to low on his build
so call it be luck of fate
 I had an Alien in the same tones
that will work on his build
 and to help Eric out I'm just 
going to trade one for the other and will have 
The Harlot tank up for sale soon as well.

Eric and The Harlot

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