Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Serpents Tounge SOLD...

The Lowbrow P-Nut tank features heavy gauge steel construction (tank shells are stamped from 1mm (approx. 19 ga. steel) , 1/4" NPT petcock bungs. It takes a British-style gas cap for unparalleled chopper authenticity.

Nothing changes the look of your hand-built death trap like a new gas tank. Lowbrow Customs is stoked to be offering this Wassell style peanut tank. No more scouring eBay or swap meets and over-paying for an old tank that is rusty, crusty, and likely needs work to repair leaky seams. Our tanks are heavier gauge than the originals, brand new and ready to rock!

Produced in a partnership between Lowbrow Customs & Cleveland CycleWerks. 

Kustomized by Devil's Hand Production

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